Southeast Colorado - Sandstone, Rock Art, Clouds - 46 Images

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horse pictograph

nm_lightning.jpg (34177 bytes)

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sheep_02.jpg (12756 bytes)

warrior_pictograph.jpg (47364 bytes)

after_the_storm.jpg (37111 bytes)

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hand petroglyph

circle.jpg (49264 bytes)

pecked_abstract.jpg (79619 bytes)

plains_storm_01.jpg (47564 bytes)

car camping in the Buick at Picket Wire Canyonlands Picknic Area, Comanche National Grasslands

plains_storm_02.jpg (44087 bytes)

buffalo.jpg (15936 bytes)

juniper.jpg (59712 bytes)

picket_wire_area.jpg (55229 bytes)

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aminals.jpg (53072 bytes)

southeast Colorado sandstone metate

zoo - rock art

inside Crack Cave (locked), Picture Canyon

summer thunderstorm, Vogel Canyon, USFS

petroglyph_01.jpg (41560 bytes)

dinosaur tracks
ripple marks dakota sandstone
ouch cloud
southeast colorado
core softening
very old tree
rattle snake (cold)
busy intersection
ant lion bioturbation
chaos rock surface
differential rock weathering
sandstone joint face
lichen like it rough
sunset, April, 2009, southeast Colorado
tipi hoodoos, southeast Colorado
Colorado cholla